Twirly Spaces


DMQ Review, Nov. 2000

Samarth’s MomConvergence, Winter 2004

Sand Hill Review 2014

  • “Birthday With Horses”
  • “Fury”
  • “Jelly Making”

“The New Season: A Baseball Sestina” (Listen to me reading the poem as part of Erica Goss’s 2013 Poetry Podcast – scroll down the page). First published in California Poets in the Schools 2009 Statewide Anthology.

“Law School Shoes” in My Song is the Light, California Poets in the Schools 2007 Statewide Anthology

Tangents (a publication of the Stanford Masters of Liberal Arts program)

“Let Me Lurk You” The Willow Glen Poetry Project (2013) – also published in Third Thursdays Volume Three 




  • Poetry Blog The Twirly Word (archives from 2008-2013)
  • Laundry Songs Domestic Imagery, Scholarship, and Clean Clothes (2006-2013)
  • The Sock of God (four short not as brilliant as I was hoping weeks from December 2012 to January 2013)
  • Tangled Swans (2010-2013) with posts about the intersection of art and mental illness.




I think I have twitter but I have forgotten how to use it. Watch this space for future birds.

Interviews & Video

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