Poems on Demand in San Jose

This is one of my all time favorite gigs — typing up poems on demand — but there is no doubt about it, no matter where I’ve done this, parks, libraries, fairs, the SubZERO festival is the best. The best crowd, the best vendors, the best dressed, and the most fun poetry booth.

Many thanks this year to Scorpiana Xlynn, and her doll-faced husband Michael R Brooks, whose sponsorship via Poetry Center San Jose made this year’s booth a reality.  The marvels of social media led me to her, the booth, and a great night. I ran into Kim Johnson there, who I haven’t seen in a while, and met some other new folks, I think several of them students (very young…oh my).

IMG_5764 jsb signature

This year, I remembered to photograph and autograph my poems. I met some sweet kids, some lovely parents, some interesting loners. The poems are strange, but that’s the improvisational way the thing moves. I especially like “Sunburned Wedding.”

This photo is courtesy of Content Magazine (if I remember correctly…)


Here are the poems. The jacaranda tree was lovely. I had such a good time. Thanks to all those brave souls who asked for poems and actually came back to pick them up, after they saw what they’d ended up with!  The tips were especially lovely, too, who knew you could make a little cash pounding away on a typewriter. Muchas gracias.

IMG_5758 croppedIMG_5761 croppedIMG_5762 croppedIMG_5763 croppedIMG_5764 croppedIMG_5765 croppedIMG_5766 cropped

Last time I worked the poetry booth was 2015, and the year before that I worked too, courtesy of David Perez, Poet Laureate of Santa Clara County at the time. This year I missed Mike McGee, the current Santa Clara County PL, but I’m sure he was a smash as M.C. You can find him all over the place, currently here on Facebook. 


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