Photography Class

This summer I wasn’t accepted into the one poetry course I applied to, which startled me and made me very sad, but it’s the truth, and there are many many young talented poets competing for spaces, so for that I am deeply glad.

Instead, I’ve signed up for a Stanford Continuing Studies online course on photography. Joel Simon‘s course “The Daily Photographer: Developing Your Creative Intuition” was advertised as learning about a new way of looking — which feels (and is!) very much akin to what poets do. I’m having a great time!

One of the benefits of an online class is you can participate (1) after work, (2) on holiday, (3) days late, (4) whenever you finally find the right image. And this “student” group is wonderful, international, and generous with their comments and talent.

I’m still not much of a photographer, but am particularly proud of some of the snapshots I’ve taken with my iPhone, learning about things like negative space, zooming with your feet, and the golden rule of thirds. (Joel has linked us to other blogs and photography lessons on line, and I’ve found some lovely things to continue to inspire me.)

Did you know there is such as a thing as snapshot aesthetic? One can aspire…

Here are my favorite attempts so far! Some have inspired me to write poetry, too, which is a very very lovely bonus.

IMG_6085IMG_6035purple fill the frame best

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