Mother Daughter Dialogues

I’m late to the blog sphere (which auto correct would rather have as blasphemer) with this project, but I’ve been writing poems and thinking about 1968 since my mother’s birthday, January 6.

I started on Instagram on Saturday, June 2, which was a dorky day to choose for Day 1, because it’s just one number off (Day 1 should have been June 1, that would have been so much easier), but there you go. Inspired by Lucy Bellwood, and her 100 Demon Dialogues project, I’m going for 100 days of poems. What a stupid idea. I’m sure you’re completely inspired to follow me, now, right?

Starting a new project. Today is day 1. Walking sitting still or standing not sure yet

A project in poetry, exploring the lives of two women fifty years after the events of the summer of 1968, and the stories that shaped their lives before and after. In 1968 one was twenty-nine and one was seven. In 2018 one was gone and one remembered.

I initially put this blog on Google’s Blogger, but learned at a conference recently that maybe Google’s not going to support Blogger very long, and that WordPress was way better (which I believe). I think I was hiding on Blogger hoping nobody would see me. What a stupid idea.

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