Poem in Caesura

Happy to have a poem published again after a long hiatus. I’m grateful to the editors of Caesura 2016, the journal of Poetry Center San Jose. My poem, “Giving Myself Up,” was published in the Silicon Valley, List / Progress category. You’ll have to buy a copy to figure out what that means!


I wrote in response to Mark Strand’s poem of the same title, which you can read here: “Giving Myself Up” by Mark Strand. I think my poem is creepy in a suburban female exhausted way, while his is profound in a famous male universal pain way.

For 2016 the editors did a very cool thing – challenging us to a kind of poetry Olympic Games. Poems were matched in the print edition according to category and form, and poems that didn’t have matches were published on line in the Bronze Edition.


Their call for poems for the 2017 edition went up April first. The theme is Ascent/Descent. That will be fun to think about. Submissions close in July.

I’ve been an on-again off-again member of PCSJ for many years, having first discovered them when I went with a friend to hear Galway Kinnell read in the 80s. He might have tried to hit on us in the book signing line. I wonder if I’ll ever get a chance to do that. This good interview with a past PCSJ president Mary Lou Taylor gives some of the history.



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