Three January Notes

Happy New Year folks!

The year’s just getting started, but here are a few notes I’ve collected over the first couple of days I want to share.

21 Women Writers From Before 1500 That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of” — with great images. African, European, Asian near and far. I’ve never heard of any of them, just as predicted by the writer, except perhaps Julian of Norwich, who perhaps wore a gorgeous red garment. Her Revelations of Divine Love is believed to be the first book published in English by a woman.

220px-The_church_of_SS_Andrew_and_Mary_-_St_Julian_of_Norwich_-_geograph.org_.uk_-_1547398-173x300  220px-Statue_of_Dame_Julian

Event Horizon, a magazine of art and stories inspired by science, is sponsoring a science poetry competition. Strict rules. $500 prize. Submission deadline 29 February 2016.


Maybe I’ll write a poem about leap year, or about something else — like, what I just learned about —

California now has a State Lichen! (How would I write a lichen poem incorporating “scientific thinking, concepts, or principles”??) One of the best things about social media, in my opinion, is the way news like this pops up into my life.

lace lichen

Photo by Shelly Benson

According to the California Lichen Society, “Lace lichen has three qualities that make it an ideal candidate for the state lichen of California:

  • It is easy to recognize even by those not very well acquainted with lichens
  • It is common throughout much of California—growing along the coast from the northern to the southern borders and up to 130 miles inland
  • It is a strikingly beautiful lichen.”

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