Poems in The Literary Nest

How lovely to have ones poetry accepted even in humble (and quite wonderful) online spaces. I am grateful to Pratibha Kelapure, editor of The Literary Nest, for taking three of my poems.

All three poems are meditations on life with a boy (at various ages) so here’s a photo of a boy who inspired them in part, about the age of the kids in “Carpool Haiku.” By the way, I realize these poems are not really haiku in the “teach-in-school” sense (not 5-7-5) and I did not try to write them according to the serious study of haiku in English that you can learn about from the most famous promoter Robert Hass, or from my friend Michael Dylan Welch (Graceguts), but I liked the sound of the title (car-pool-hai-ku) which evokes that back seat burping contest so perfectly.


And another about the time of “Senior Year: Cash and Bananas”

jg for Cash and Bananas poem

In “Listening to Lavender” the small boy helps the speaker pot the plant, the lavender and the friend are equal players. All those voices are around me, still. That poem was dedicated to a friend on her birthday, a lover of noisy garden companionship.


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