World Turtle Day May 23!

On World Turtle Day (what a great thing!) I am remembering my beloved Sulcata (African Desert) tortoise, Armor.

Here is a post and some adorbs from IFLS.

You can like “them” on Facebook, but the cover photo is alarming.

On a more serious note, here’s the link to American Tortoise Rescue.

This article describes what you need to know and how you can help protect the world’s population of giant damp beasts. For example:

  • Never buy a turtle or tortoise from a pet shop as it increases demand from the wild.
  • Never remove turtles or tortoises from the wild unless they are sick or injured.
  • If a tortoise is crossing a busy street, pick it up and send it in the same direction it was going — if you try to make it go back, it will turn right around again.
  • Write letters to legislators asking them to keep sensitive habitat preserved or closed to off road vehicles, and to prevent off shore drilling that can lead to more endangered sea turtle deaths.
  • Report cruelty or illegal sales of turtles and tortoises to your local animal control shelter.
  • Report the sale of any turtle or tortoise of any kind less than four inches. This is illegal throughout the U.S.



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