Maker Faire Poetry

Poetry made at the faire. Kids and adults. Kudos to local poets laureate Caroline Goodwin (San Mateo County), Tanu Wakefield (Belmont), Erica Goss (Los Gatos), and dear colleagues with California Poets in the Schools Cathy Barber and Jackie Hallerberg. I wish I could have joined them. Maybe next year!


On Saturday IMG_1580I attended the 10th Annual Bay Area Maker Faire with California Poets in the Schools. These two young ladies stopped by the booth and added a leaf to the “Poetree”! The Maker Faire says “We are Makers — changing the way we learn, create and see the future.”

I had a good time with working poets Cathy Barber and Jackie Hallerberg and Belmont Poet Laureate Tanu Wakefield. I ate a corn dog (if you are going to a fair, I think you have to do it right!) — and I saw lots of robots and fireballs. People laid down some verses on the sidewalk with chalk… IMG_1578 See the fireballs leaping from the pointy iron things in the background! I was so happy to spend time with fellow working poets, and speak with the people who came by the booth to talk about making poetry…

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