Too wonderful not to share: Dolls Repainted into “Real Life” & the Counter Argument against “Normal” Beauty

Great article and photos here. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out if one could really just repaint those exaggerated faces into normal ones. A metaphor for something.

But, should you think this is all well and good, this counter argument suggests that there is something insidious about making the dolls look “normal” because of course, no woman looks “normal.” More metaphors. This blogger’s name is Hannah. She does very cool gender cat cartoons.

So what’s the answer? Think about the dolls you give your children and — wait for it — talk to them about what they’re seeing. Engage your children in a conversation (when they’re age ready) about how the dolls looks like them or don’t look like them, and maybe, while you’re at it, how some people look like them and some don’t.

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