Bipolar Disorder as Carousel

I agree with my sister. The title of this story is a little worrying — “What Bipolar Disorder Really Feels Like” — (and if your bipolar disorder doesn’t feel like this, then what’s wrong with you?) — but it turns out that it’s a great article. (The title is probably HuffPost’s problem, anyway. Artist Ellen Forney knows what she’s talking about.) The article is about one woman‘s BPD — which is of course all any one woman can write about accurately — and the drawings are lovely. And funny. The article and the illustrations speak to me (teeny tertiary diagnosis of bipolar spectrum disorder triggered by the wrong antidepressant medication) and also to my sister (full blow rock-your-world rapid-cycler) so they’re probably close for a whole bunch of people.


Please remember that mental illness and mental health are individual experiences, and please remember not to judge.

Enjoy your own carousel. (Photo credit here.)


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