Women and Children. Questions and Answers (Lots of Different Ones)

I’m glad that women are speaking out about whether they want to have children or not. And I’m glad that there are so many different answers to the question. This article is interesting, because 25 “rich and/or famous” women are asked, and they are telling it straight with 25 different answers. (Shock! News flash! Not all women are the same!)

I know I love my children, and I am happy that I have a family and a home. I think I might have made a different decision if I were 25 now in 2014 than I did when I was 25 in 1985. But there is no going back, so I’ll never know. And wishing that things had been different, wondering if they had been different — would I then have become a more successful artist? writer? whatever? That’s just avoiding doing the work today.

(But what Stevie Nicks still makes we wince …)


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