An Uplifting Collection, a Fierce Collection, a Terrifying Collection, a Hopeful Collection

As I read the news and social media about two terrible things that happened in August, I started collecting the articles and videos that spoke to me most personally. I can’t just keep collecting without ever posting, so here goes, but I may continue to add to this collection as time goes on.

I know there is other terror and grief in the world, in Africa, in the Middle East, but these two issues are closer to me right now, and I have learned, when one is overwhelmed, starting small and close to home is one strategy. So, I’m working on my depression and my white privilege. Maybe I’ll graduate to world peace someday.

I chose the photo above because it’s one of my most peaceful happy places, and sometimes you need that, peace and happiness. I hope you’re getting some during these difficult times.

On depression and the life and death of Robin Williams

On Ferguson, the death of Michael Brown,and White Privilege



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