Shame on You George Will

Hard to talk about, for me, so just read this. (No photo of you!)

Washington Post Columnist Claims Being A College Rape Victim Is Now A ‘Coveted Status’

“Clearly, George Will has never tried to speak publicly about experiencing sexual assault. People who do that receive death threats and rape threats, and get stalked and followed and harassed,” Harpo Jaeger, a college student at Brown University who’s been active in sexual assault prevention efforts on his campus, told ThinkProgress. “The notion that that’s a privilege is ridiculous.”

Campus rapes are notoriously under-reported for exactly this reason. According to a 2007 report from the Department of Justice, just 12 percent of college sexual assault survivors had ever reported the incidence to authorities. There’s some evidence that reporting rates have risen slightly since then, but there are still plenty of victims who choose not to pursue charges because they’re worried about the potential backlash. The individuals who do speak publicly about their experiences, especially younger women, are routinely bullied and slut shamed. Some are even driven to commit suicide.


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