Prompt #25 Exphrasis : Poetry Confronting Art

What happens if I reblog my own stuff from Cupertino Poet Laureate to A Twirly Life? Will I get caught in a mind-bending matrix? Let’s find out.

Cupertino Poet Laureate

I love exphrasis. I love saying it, and I love writing exphrastic poems. Simply put, exphrasis is the the process of writing about a piece of visual art: a dramatic or poetic response to a painting or sculpture. I like the way the Academy of American Poetry discusses the process: as confrontation. Poetry confronting art. If you click through to their site, you can read all about the history of the form (back to Homer) and check out over a dozen examples.

The following exphrastic poem will appeal (hopefully) to everyone: “Stealing The Scream,” by Monica Youn. The painting is so famous it has become a pop culture icon — The Scream, by Edvard Munch. There are several versions of the painting (lithographic prints) and, as Wikipedia, explains, “The Scream has been the target of several high-profile art thefts. In 1994, the version in…

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