April is Poetry Month : Events Across the US

I’m amazed by the news pouring in about Poetry Month activities all over the country.

In Miami FL they’re having a poetry festival, appropriately named O, Miami Poetry Festival. They’re having movies, pool parties, and yoga to go with the more obvious choices: readings, publications, translation events. Looks like fun.


In Montpelier, the capital of Vermont, they’re having their second annual PoemCity, in which poems can be found in the windows of businesses and city buildings everywhere. They’ve already had a poetry contest based on the play Our Town, and they’ve got a month-long schedule of events planned.


The New York Times is having its fifth annual Student Found Poetry Contest. That looks like so much fun — wishing I were a student and living in NYC right about now!


As the month wears on, I will post more news I find about Poetry Month. April is almost here, buckle your seat belts people.


4 thoughts on “April is Poetry Month : Events Across the US

  1. Thanks for featuring PoemCity. We are actually in our fifth year–the second one since we’ve gone online tho.

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