Is “Banning” the Best We Can Do?

Is “Banning” the Best We Can Do?

This article, “I don’t want to #banbossy. But I will #affirmassertive.” is an interesting take on the “Ban Bossy” campaign started this week by Sheryl Sandberg,  Facebook CEO and author of the book Lean In, partnering with the Girl Scouts. (I didn’t even know about the ban, not perhaps spending enough time on exactly the right social media site…).

I agree with this article on several points:

  • Why campaign with a negative when an affirmative would do the trick?
  • Let’s encourage girls and boys to be assertive but to learn about boundaries and empathy
  • Waging a “war” against a single word is too simplistic if you love language. Try using a better word and leave overused words behind.

What do you think? I like Kristen’s post and I will return to read her “Rage Against the Minivan” blog.


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