Letter from a Passenger: A TSA Poem.

Poetry and airplanes. Could go well together. I just found this guys site, and I love what he has to say, but more than that I love his writing. And he published a TSA poem, which is really so cool — that of course, I’m the only person who thinks so.

Taking Sense Away

A few days ago, I asked passengers to send me any TSA-dedicated poetry they may have. I did not believe that anyone would actually have a ready-made poem inspired by the Transportation Security Administration, but as I’m coming to find out, never, ever doubt the American people when it comes to strong feelings regarding their TSA. Pat wrote in:

One of the running jokes with my friends is that I’ve never gotten pulled aside for a TSA groping. Perhaps it has something to do with that fact that I’m a 270 lb middle-aged balding white male, and no one is particularly interested in touching that demographic. Anyway, all year it was a running theme of “will I get some TSA action this time? Will this be my lucky flight where I lose my TSA cherry?” Alas, it never happened.
Knowing of my quest, my best friend wrote the attached…

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