Hmm… Twirl or Whirl?

Names are funny. I started using “twirlyword” as my poetry identity in 2005 or 2006. Today I learned that you can get a “Twirly Words” app for your Android or Apple platform. You can also get another cool app called “Whirly Word” which is free rather than $0.99.

What should I do about this brand infringement? Probably nothing. I’m not sure that anyone with only poetry as her claim to fame should attempt to take down the kinds of marketing conglomerates that cater to parents who just want their kids to be quiet for a few minutes, and while they’re being quiet, maybe learn a thing or two. But I can make the claim on the brand, and so I will. Right here.

In May 2008, I posted my first blog entry on Blogger, on the newly minted “The Twirly Word.” Here’s the evidence. I’ve been an inconsistent blogger, although recently am doing better. One of these days I’ll update this site with all the old friends (I mean blogs). And I’ve been using it as an email address since maybe 2005? I have to look that one up.

Since I was thinking about the word, twirly, I googled it see what came up. I am fond of the old Grateful Dead adage, “when in doubt, twirl” (which is attributed to choreographer Ted Shawn) but I didn’t think that many younger linguists would be going there. Turns out I’m right. Who knew that there were all kinds of meanings for “twirly”  — some of them homoerotic, some hetero-erotic, and some bashing old folks. Who knew?  Thank goodness for the Urban Dictionary. They have 16 (count ’em!) definitions. My favorite is “too early” — as in, “Damn, there’s nobody here. I think we’re twirly.” Gotta love that.

But I digress. So easy to do browsing the internet. Bye for now. If you want to see more cool photos, visit my Pinterest board. Or, go out and make some twirls of your own! (Bonus points if you know who I’m mis-quoting…)


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